Cannabis Cultural Connection

Mystic Herbal Care is a California State licensed Cannabis Delivery, Distribution, Non- Volatile Manufacturing & Shared Kitchen Service. We are a Woman of Color (WOC) owned business and we are committed to supporting equity, social justice and diversity in this amazing cannabis community right here in the Bay Area. We believe in promoting and developing business opportunities for small local cultivators and all people of all color. We take pride in empowering people who have sacrificed their freedoms and helped paved the way for the legalization of cannabis. Our mission is to help everyone we work with profit and legally participate in the successful cannabis movement in the Bay Area.

This is why we encourage you to register and order online with Mystic Herbal Care. When you purchase our locally grown cannabis, you’ll be providing support to people who have cultivated cannabis with love and passion. By sharing beneficial information about healthy choices for medicating with our cannabis community we share a common knowledge that we all benefit from.

We are always looking for licensed local cannabis artisans who can provide high quality herb, edibles and other healing cannabis products.  So we can all reap what we sowed! Contact us at for vendor opportunities!